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Health Suraksha Individual
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Health Suraksha is a basic health insurance policy which pays for medical expenses incurred by any member insured under the scheme. It covers any condition, injury or ailments diagnosed


  • Room rent, Board & Nursing Expenses as provided by the Hospital/ Nursing Home.
  • Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialists Fees.
  • Anaesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre Charges, Surgical Appliances, Medicines & Drugs, Diagnostic Materials and X-ray, Cost of Pacemaker, prosthesis/internal implants and any Medical expenses incurred which is integral part of the operation.
  • Free medical check-up.
  • Accidental Hospitalisation.
  • Hospital Cash.
  • Accompanying Person.
  • Organ Donor Expenses
  • Recharge of Sum Insured.
Title Description
Room Rent Limit Gold Plan SI 50K,1 Lakh,1.5 Lakh 1% of SI per day, For other SI under Gold Plan actual. Platinum Plan Actual. Topaz,Ruby Plan 1% of the SI.
ICU Daily Rent Limit Gold Plan SI 50K,1 Lakh,1.5 Lakh 2% of SI per day, For other SI under Gold Plan actual. Platinum Plan Actual. Topaz and Ruby Plan 1% of the SI
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses 60 days. For Topaz and Ruby Plan 1% oF SI upto 60 days.
Post Hospitalization Expenses 90 days. For Topaz and Ruby Plan 1% oF SI upto 90 days.
Minimum Hospitalization Period 24 hours
Day Care Procedure Coverage Covered
Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured This benefit is available for sum insured of ? 300000 and above. Recharge shall be available only for future claims irrespective of whether the claim is for the same ailment for which insured has claimed .
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage Covered after4 years of continuous Coverage.
Waiting Period for New Policy 30 days
Co-Payment Co-payments are applicable in case of admission in room with higher room rent than the eligible limit in case of Topaz and Ruby Plans
Free Health Checkup Medical Checkup - At the end of every continuous period of 4 claim-free years
Ambulance Expenses Maximum ? 2000 for Gold and Platinum Plan, Maximum ? 750 for Topaz and Ruby Plan, Overall limit of ? 1500 per policy year.
Daily Hospitalization Allowance 500 per day, up to 60 days under Platinum plan.
Donor Expenses Covered
Attendant Allowance Not covered
Nursing Allowance Covered
No Claim Bonus 10% for every claim-free year to Max 50%

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