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Plan No. 818
  1. To purchase an immediate Annuity:
    The Life Assured shall have a choice to commute the amount available on vesting/ surrender to the extent allowed under Income Tax Act. The entire amount available on vesting/ surrender or the balance amount after communication, as the case may be, shall be utilized to purchase immediate annuity at the then prevailing annuity rates. Communication shall only be allowed provided the balance amount is insufficient to purchase a minimum amount of annuity as per the provisions of section 4 of Insurance Act, 1938.

    In case the total benefit amount is sufficient to purchase the minimum amount of annuity, then the said amount shall be paid as a lump sum to the Life Assured.

  2. To purchase a new single premium deferred pension product from LIC:
    Under this option the entire proceeds available on vesting/ surrender shall be utilized to purchase a new single premium deferred pension product provided the policy holder satisfies the eligibility criteria for purchasing single premium deferred pension product.

    The Life Assured will have to intimate his/her intention on to go for a particular option available on the date of vesting at least six months prior to the date of vesting or at the time of surrender.
Eligibility Criteria
Min. Max.
Age 20 60 for Single Premium
58 for Regular Premium
Term 5 - Single Premium
7 – Regular Premium
Sum Rs. 150000 for single Premium
Rs. 100000 for Regular Premium
No limit
Premium Modes Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly
Yearly Premium For 1000000 Sum Assured
Age 30 Years 32 Years 35 Years
25 30095 27743 24901
27 30291 28037 25195
30 30781 28576 25832
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